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Sumo Flooring produces quality laminate flooring. Whatever your taste, Sumo Flooring guarantees a beautiful floor that is easy to install and maintain, and durable enough to handle the challenges of everyday life. So it will still look great even after years of use.

Why Sumo Flooring?



Our Key Point Control ("KPC") system allows us to produce products that are consistently top quality.


Sumo Lanimate flooring is just need to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust or with a damp cloth for dirt, which offers you healthy and comfortable living surroundings.


We are committed to produce quality and value for money wood flooring and cabinet products.


We endeavor to deliver your order in a timely manner. In the event of a delay in delivery, compensation will be provided in accordance with the signed sales contract.


We offer free innovative artwork design for your packaging, display board and advertisements for orders exceeding more than five containers.


Lamination Flooring

Sumo Flooring offers a variety of natural looking wood designs to meet your desire for a relaxing and natural looking environment.

Sandy Oak.jpg

Sandy Oak

Product Code: J1253

Length: 1213mm (47 3/4")
Width: 164mm (6 1/2")
Thickness: 12mm (1/2")
Resistance Grade: AC4 (13000)




Installation Method of Floorpanels.

  1. Begin Lying in the left-hand corner. Place the floorboard 4-6mm from the left wall. the distance to the wall in front (4-6mm) is not important because the flooring can be pushed in to place at a later stage.

  2. Press the end section of the next floorboard at an angle to the first one, then lay down. Complete the first row in the same matter.

  3. Place the final floorboard face down and the short side without the locking strip towards the wall. The distance to the wall should be 4-6mm. Mark where the floorboard is to be cut.

  4. Place the floorboard face down on the work surface and cut to size using a pad under 1 saw. Use a finetoothed type if you are using a hand saw. In this case, cut the floorboards face up.

  5. Use a cut piece of board from the previous row to start the next row. This must be a least 30cm long. If the piece is to short, start with a new board, cut in half. Always ensure that the end joints are staggered at least 30cm.

  6. Place the floorboard at an angle againts the floorboard in the previous row, press forward and fold down at the same time.

  7. Place the next the floorboard at an angle against the previous installed floorbaord and push it against the row in front. put is down when the floorboards are postioned tightly.

  8. The distance to the walls can be adjusted when three rows are completed. Place the flooring 4-6mm from the walls.


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